General Terms

Intermediation service provision contract.
This document is a signed agreement between you and
The general terms and conditions on the site will form an integral part of this document.


The purpose of this contract is the provision of an intermediation service between the natural and legal persons contracting cargo transport and / or storage and the carriers and / or lessors.
You acknowledge and agree that the general conditions of operation of the selected module are informed on the site and may change. You may use any services provided by according to your registration.

Responsibility is totally unrelated to the relationships established between the contracting natural persons and legal entities and contractors and contractors. Consequently, you will not be liable for damages and losses generated by the non-compliance that may occur in such relationships, nor shall you be responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information provided on the site by the contractors and contractors. will only be responsible for:
a) For the operation of the site with all its contents, 24 hours a day, in the English language, except when there are technical problems in the telephone network, interruption of electricity, suspension of internet service, problems with connection to the network or cases force majeure.
b) Provide the service of information intermediation between who contracts and who is contracted.

Values ​​and Payments

You can use our services for free. Some features within the system requires payment.
Payment can be made by Pay Pal. The misuse of the service will represent a 50% fine.

– Any information provided by you at the time of registration is at your own risk.
– It is mandatory to include a personal photo as an avatar. You authorize your viewing on the site.
– Your user account is personal, exclusive, can not be transferred; in no case can the acquired rights be transferred to third parties.
– You are fully responsible for the correct use of your user account and password; the improper use will make you liable for damages and losses caused to
– You can comment on another user after hiring the service. This comment will be visible to all users. Therefore, you will be solely responsible for any damage or injury that may be generated to that user.
Notwithstanding this, reserves the right to remove any comments deemed inappropriate, and may suspend access to authors without any right to reimbursement.
– You accept and authorize comments made on the site by other users.