The CWR platform was designed to offer different types of conveniences and ways to help companies help the planet. Here you find a wide variety of waste to incorporate into the production process of your company and avoid direct disposal in the environment. In addition, it is possible to search for services, make environmental complaints and register trees.

How to interact with suppliers and negotiate waste

Sellers registered in the platform inform waste they have available for commercialization. From this, we create a large database of different inputs that can help your company reduce raw material costs while reducing waste and helping the environment.

  • Search for waste.
  • Negotiate directly with suppliers
  • Receive the goods on your preferred location

From the intersection of interests and offers, the CWR enables direct negotiations connecting both parties. In this way, the commercialization takes place in an agile and transparent way, ensuring that there are no additional concerns about logistics.

Services, Environmental Denunciations and Tree Registrations

In order to create a complete platform that could meet the different needs of individuals and companies who want to keep the planet healthy, we have created 3 other options besides waste trading. They are:

Services – Registered companies can offer services in the most diverse segments in order to facilitate other actors to keep their companies active and in full operation.

Environmental Complaints – Following the environmental responsibility line in CWR’s DNA, the platform offers options for reporting environmental crimes such as deforestation, burning, air pollution and other atrocities against the environment.

Tree Logging – In order to allow the mapping and monitoring of green areas, it is possible to create tree logs planted by you or your company. In this way, anyone can locate and care for a tree, according to their desire and possibility.