For a long time we, homo sapiens, have begun to make wrong decisions about how to manage the resources offered by the planet. We do uncontrolled use of fossil fuels, deforest and contaminate rivers and seas for long-term unsustainable economic development.
Years passed before we realized the dangers of going down this path. However, at the time of this very first awareness of the modern world our habits of consumption mainly were already guided by the indiscriminate use of natural resources and little was done. Today the effects of pollution and global warming are undeniable and the impact on the world and our lives is increasingly felt.

The CWR is born of the desire to collaborate for a change in the attitudes, choices and habits of the people and companies that move the modern world in which we are living (or rather, surviving). Our aim is to equip society with ways to have a more conscious consumption of the resources that we have from the reuse of waste and, thus, reduce our negative impact on the environment.

We want to enable organizations around the globe to directly negotiate their waste in order to reduce the extraction of already scarce natural resources, reducing the impact of this process on the health of the planet. By offering an online, global and comprehensive tool, we believe that we are taking the first step towards a more sustainable life that we need to re-establish.

You and your company are our guests to be a part of this movement, to support this cause and to help transform the planet into a better place in the future. Welcome to the green revolution: the evolution of consciousness!